How to Apply Online

for the

  1. Click Apply here
  2. Fill out MSU SASE Registraton by supplying the following data:
    1. Email Address
    2. Password
    3. Retype password
    4. First name
    5. Middle name
    6. Last name
    7. Date of birth
    8. Gender
    9. Preferred Campus
    10. Out of school youth
    11. Enter code shown below
    12. Click Apply
  3. Upload your digital photo by clicking BROWSE then find your digital image from the directory; then click UPLOAD. (Note: Uploading of picture is optional)
    1. STEP 1 Fill out Biographical Data Form then Click SAVE & CONTINUE STEP 2.
    2. STEP 2 Fill out Educational Data Form then Click SAVE & CONTINUE STEP 3.
    3. STEP 3 Fill out your Parents Informationthen Click SAVE & CONTINUE STEP 4.
    4. STEP 4 Fill out Campus and Course Preference then Click SAVE & VIEW ALL INFO>>.
  4. After filling out the online MSU SASE application form,
    1. Go to the designated MSU SASE Test Center nearest you
    2. Present the requirements and pay the P300.00 testing fee to Admissions Office/TC Coordinators or MSU SASE Examiner
    3. Get the original copy of MSU SASE application form and fill out properly using #2 pencil (if you have not filled out any yet);
    4. Submit duly accomplished form to the Admissions Office/ TC Coordinators or MSU SASE Examiner and
    5. Claim your duly processed Examination Permit thereat.

You are now ready to take the test on Do not forget to bring your permit on examination day! GOD Bless!